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A Precious Soul.
Just a few days ago I heard from the village that a dear man in the village may not have much longer to live. His name is Kuya (older brother) Kardin, and he has been sick for a long time, with asthma and many other sicknesses that affect his chest, lungs and breathing. Four years ago when the teaching began kuya Kardin attended most of the meetings, and in the summer of 2007, Kuya Kardin trusted Jesus as his Saviour. He left his old ways behind, and found freedom in Christ. Freedom from fear both in life and in death. Kuya Kardin was one of the men in the village that used to offer sacrifices to the spirits in order to help someone get better. He had seen many people live in fear of what life held, and even more in fear of what the unknown on the otherside of death held. When he became a believer kuya Kardin was SO thankful, for the news of salvation, and deliverance from sin, he had new life in Christ. On occasion (when he was not coughing too much) he would open our church meeting in prayer and thank God that he could now talk to His Creator. To God be the glory. 
Kuya Kardin.

I have some very special memories of Kuya Kardin. The one that is dearest to my heart happened on the day that Danny and I were leaving the tribe to go home on furlough. October, 2009.
The plane arrived to take us to town and people had gathered to say goodbye. We were almost ready to go, I was actually in the plane when kuya Kardin came flying down the airstrip on the back of a motor bike. He jumped off and came running and gave Danny a big hug, sobbing on his neck. I got a lump in my throat as I watched the emotion between these two men, so different in many many ways and yet joined together in Christ. He came over to me in the plane and said goodbye. Then the sweetest thing happened that is forever embedded in my mind. This dear man, put his hand on Danny’s shoulder and took my hand in His, he dropped his head and he prayed to our Heavenly Father, for us! My tears dropped as I listened to him pray for us, he thanked God for all the missionaries that had come to share the news of the gospel. He prayed that God would bless Danny and I and keep us safe until we came back again. As the plane took off and I looked down on the village, my heard was bursting with thankfulness to God, for His Grace in all our lives. His Grace that saved us all, and allowed us to come to this little village to have a part in each other’s lives.

This past week as I have been out in town Danny has been in the village working on our house. He had the opportunity  few times to visit Kuya Kardin. Not knowing how long he has left on this earth, Danny went back down to visit him yesterday morning, wanting to encourage this old man in his possible final days. Danny shared with me, that even though he can hardly sit up and he is very weak, Kuya Kardin, once again offered to pray for us, and he did. With laboured breaths, he lifted his voice once more to bring us before the Throne of Grace. I just say, “Lord Jesus, thank you for your life saving power that brought this dear man from the depths of sin, and brought him into fullness of life. Please comfort him and give him peace as he waits on You to bring him Home. Thank you Lord for the example he is to me, and give me a burden for others that need to be reached for You.”

I don’t know if Kuya Kardin will be alive when I return to the village, only the Lord knows the number of his days. I am just so thankful to know we WILL meet again, either here, or one day as we stand together worshipping our God for all eternity.

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  1. hjemme bra says:

    Hi Phillipa.
    I sit here in Norway with tears in my eyes as I have read about Kuya Kardin. God is good. So glad you, and others, have gone to the field to tell these people abour their salvation in Christ. God bless you and Danny and sweet Izzy as you serve Him there.
    Looking forward to meet Kuya Kardin in Heaven one day 🙂


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