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Life stories from a missionary mama

Last time we were here I was huge!

Last time I was sitting here at our mission base on the island of Palawan, I was 7 months pregnant, and packing up to go to have a baby in Manila. We left with two suitcases, thinking we would have the baby and come right back down to Palawan and then head back home into the village. We left here on July 4th, Independence Day in the States, and just yesterday we unpacked. We returned with more than the two suitcases we left with, and it also happened to be St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. Not the holiday we thought we would be back on, a lot has happened in our lives between July 2010 and March 2011. 
I am constantly reminded that we may make plans, but God is ultimately the one who directs our steps and His plans for our lives are often so different from what we would have chosen for ourselves. It doesn’t usually help to question the reasons of it all, or to try and understand the purposes the Lord has in taking us along roads that we didn’t think we would travel, His ways are higher than our ways, and we can just rest in the perfect pathway He has for our lives, as we walk with Him. God has taught me so much in these past months about trusting Him, I treasure these truths that He works into my heart.  They are more precious than gold, and definitely worth the difficult days along the way, especially in light of eternity. God has been so good to us each step of the journey, and we are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for His grace in our lives.

Another Milestone.

So here I sit sweating away, there are fresh mangoes on the table and later we will eat BBQ chicken on a stick, it feels great to be back! In many ways it feels like home, it isn’t the Emerald Isle, but it is another beautiful island with friendly people, and I am so glad that God lead us to this place to share His Word, and to make our home away from home.

Of course being here for the first time with a baby, has turned our life upside down. Danny and I are used to getting around town on his motor bike, not anymore! Our visiting, shopping and working are now around Izzy’s naps. The biggest difference of all is walking around town. Filipinos love babies and everybody stops to talk to Isabela. She has only been here a few days and already we are known just as “Isabela’s mummy and daddy.” She loves the attention, the squeezes the love and so far has not seemed to have noticed that we have traveled across the world, to a new place. If these past days are anything to go by I think she is going to love growing up on Palawan. My one worry is that by the time we return to the US and N.Ireland she will think everybody should be so excited to see her, and she will go home with her head in the clouds. 🙂 I will keep you posted on that one.

Here are some of Izzy’s firsts during her first week back in the Philippines.

First time to sit up!
First time in a swimming suit, and having a cool bath outside! 
First time in a jeepney!
First time to fly to Palawan!

….and a few firsts for me too as a new mum. I was surprised to go to the one main grocery store in town and realize that there is NO baby food. In California I had been buying the little handy jars of pears and peaches and green beans and all the rest. So, I guess it is time to head to the market and buy some fresh fruit and vegetables and start mashing! If anybody has any advice on the whole making baby food and what can freeze or not freeze, please pass along what you know and I will put it to use!

Another first for Izzy and I will come this Monday when Danny goes to the tribe for a week and leaves us two behind! We would appreciate your prayers for Danny and his friend Chris as they fix up our house and get the solar power up and running and hopefully fix our fridge! Izzy and I will stay in town and it will be our first week without Daddy around. I will let you know how we all get on, and hopefully it won’t be too exciting!

One thought on “"For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord."

  1. Jenny says:

    Oh I'm so glad to know you have a blog! As far as baby food goes, making it is SUPER easy. Do you have a blender or a food procesor? Do you have ice cub trays? Steam vegies like green beans, carrots, brocoli, etc, just like you would for yourself except steam them longer, until they are very tender. Throw them in the food processor or blender. Do not throw out the water you steamed them in b/c it has all the leached nutrients in it. Add this water little by little into the blender/processor. Blend away. Add more water until you get a consistency you know she prefers. For other vegies, like potatoes or yams, just cube and boil until super soft. Then do the same process. I usually don't do too much fruit until they are doing table food and can eat little cubes, but if you want to puree fruit, do it just like you would the potatoes and yams, by cubeing apples or pears or anything, and boiling them until soft. EVERYTHING can then be spooned into ice cube trays and placed in the freezer. Once frozen, pop them out and put them in a ziplock and put them back in the freezer. Those little cubes make perfect little portions and you will soon learn how many cubes she usually eats at a meal. THese cubes can stay frozen at least 6 months. Thaw and heat in a microwave or if you don't have a microwave, use a double boiler type thing. Once thawed, you can add rice cereal or the like if you want. Once she starts eatting more, like meat, you can make a vegie chicken soup and then just throw it ALL in the blender/processor…..meat, vegies, and broth, and puree, put in ice cube trays, and freeze. If you don't have a processor/blender, you can get hand mills to puree. Oh, peel apples before boiling. I think that's it. Baby food making 101. Facebook me if you have more specific questions or if any of this is confusing. 🙂


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