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Family dinner together at Brunos! 

Tomorrow we fly back to the tribe. We have been out longer than expected, again. This was not the regular supply buying trip we had panned. When we were in missionary training one thing they stressed over and over again, was to learn to be flexible. With the lives that we lead, plans are constantly changing and learning to take one day, even one moment at a time is a lesson that once learned can take a lot of stress out of one’s life.  I am still learning to be flexible, as much as I know things are likely to change, and change is constant in my world, it can still throw me for a loop on certain days.

We were to fly back on Monday past. We had all our supplies bought and our fresh fruit and vegetables boxed up and weighed, everything was ready, and then I fainted. Not of course due to the boxing up of the fruit and veggies, actually we were not sure why I had fainted. We put the flight off for another day to see if I improved the next day. I didn’t. I had another little spell while out with two of my friends and they drove me straight to the doctor. She gave me some vitamins and tablets for dizziness, but we were more concerned about what was causing the dizziness. Some reading on the internet and a blood sugar test done by the pilot over at the hangar, showed my blood sugar was high. I have been having lots of problems after eating in the tribe, feeling exhausted, blurry and dizzy, but figured it was just tiredness from running around in the heat all day. Learning to be flexible is not always good, by the way, sometimes Danny and I get used to things too easy when really we should be more alert to do something about it! 🙂

I went to see the Dr here in town again, and after fasting and getting a blood test, I still showed high blood sugar. It was not diabetic high but what she called “pre diabetic”. Basically I have to make some diet changes and monitor my blood sugar.

Yes, more changes, and more flexibility. So we had to buy a few different groceries while we are out in town to take back to the village. I have never had to make diet changes before, I have always eaten whatever I wanted and as much of it as I wanted, so we will see how I go in the next few weeks. I certainly  haven’t liked how I have been feeling lately so this is motivation in itself to start feeling better.

While we were in town we also had a check up for Isabela with her kidney and bladder problems and it showed that she has another urinary tract infection, we were relieved to catch it this time before it became as serious as the last one she had. She is once again back on antibiotics. We will need to keep having her checked in the months ahead. More flexibility with planning how many times we want to fly in and out of the tribe!

Having a coffee out in town….Izzy waving at somebody walking by!  

All in all though it wasn’t such a bad week out . We got to eat out with friends and have some coffees together. We took Izzy to the pool and let her splash around. She loves being out and about and thinks everyone in town has come to see her. Just today we were traveling back with our vegetables in a trycycle and she was waving at everybody like she was the queen. As soon as we walk into the shops we hear “Isabela! Kumusta?” It really is nice to live in a country where the people LOVE children. Everyone stops to say hello and ask her name, or get their picture taken with her. It will be quite the shock for her when she goes back to our “other homes” and not everybody there knows her name or wants to take her picture. 😉 I think she may have to learn some flexibility too in her little life. I hope her mum can be a better example of that as the years go on.

So tomorrow, God willing, we head back to the village. What the next weeks or months hold. I have no idea. I hope I can be flexible with the things and the situations that God brings into our lives. And that is the key, God is in control. It is a simple fact on its own, but looking into the future and having a personal relationship with a loving and gracious Heavenly Father, it is such a comforting fact. It is faith in a loving God who will change my plans because He knows what I need so much better than I do. Faith that He will mature me and guide me though difficult days so that I will become more like Him and less like me. It takes away all the fear and it gives me peace, for I know beyond all shadow of doubt that I can always trust the goodness of my God no matter what my day or my future will hold. He doesn’t change.

“Peace comes in situations completely surrendered to the sovereign authority of Christ.” 
 Beth Moore

Thanks to all who pray for us and support us here in our ministry. It means so much to us, and we thank you from our hearts. God Bless you. Love, Philippa.

PS. Danny is doing fine! Just tired from running around looking after us two girls! 🙂

Izzy having fun with some friends at the guesthouse.

2 thoughts on “I need to schedule in more flexibility. :)

  1. Jenny says:

    Oh Philippa, I'm so sorry to hear about your health. I know what it feels like to be running around trying to be a good mama while having your body shut down on you. Not fun. I hope you can stick to a diet that helps, while in the tribe. Rest up and safe travels back.


  2. Thanks Jenny. I think it will help being back home in the village where I have my own kitchen and food there to make what I want and need. Not too many healthy options out here in town, just rice, rice and more rice. 🙂 Would love a good salad from California about now! Hope you are all doing ok there. Love seeing all your little family get ups to! 🙂


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