Teacups in the Jungle

Life stories from a missionary mama

We have had some firsts this past week and so I thought I would share. Mainly through photos….

One of the main events of the week for us and also for the kids in the village was our very first Sunday School class. Last Sunday at 3pm a group of excited kids and a somewhat nervous group of ladies met at the church and we opened the doors to a new venture…passing on the truth of God’s Word to the next generation here in the village. Thank you to all who prayed with us and for us, as we seek to make God’s Word known to both adults and children alike. The ladies who were leading, though nervous about being up front, did really well and we are so thankful to the Lord for their hearts in wanting to be involved in teaching their own children. God willing this is the start of an important ministry that will be a tool in the Lord’s hands to reach many children in this area for His Names’s sake.

Here are a few photos from last week.

Opening the doors to our first Sunday School Class.

Ladies in the village leading the singing

Quiz time! 

This is a precious photo for our little family…..Izzy’s first day at Sunday School!

Waiting for it all to start.

We also had a first baking experience this week. I know there will be lots more of these over the years!

Making cookies is our favorite. 😉

First time to make this cake. Strawberry-yoghurt cake, and it was really yummy. 

Danny and I enjoyed some nice beach walks together this week. This is a first time experience for me to be pregnant in the tribe. When I was pregnant with Izzy I was only here for a one day visit. I thank the Lord for good health so far, and we will head to town at the end of the month for a quick checkup. Hard to believe I am now past the half way mark, with baby number 2 due in June!

Me and my pregnant shadow! 22 weeks now. 🙂
NOT Izzy’s first time to get her photo taken. 

And just so you know that our life this week has not been “picture perfect” I must also add to my list of first’s, “My Most Embarrassing Moment (to date) with Miss Isabela”.

It occurred last week while we were sitting in church listening to Danny teach. I was sitting at the end of a pew while Izzy was walking up and down the aisle a few rows in front of me (as is normal in this setting before my mother chides me!). As she was walking back towards me, something caught her eye, and quick as lighting, before I could do anything about it, she had caught the stump of a man’s arm and was SWINGING it all over the place.  Now, let me explain a little, this poor man who is now a dear brother in the Lord, had been dynamite fishing some years back and blew off part of his arm. He has a stump of an arm now that only reaches to above the elbow, he has little control over it. So, it was to my horror that I watched my sweet 17month old swinging it back and forth all over the place as he sat in church!! The lady beside me was laughing so hard she had to get up and go outside! Anyway as quick as I could I grabbed her and whispered a quick apology to the dear man, thankfully he has a sense of humor. Actually after church her sought her out and much to her amusement he let her “play” with it!! It all ended well, but definately not without a very red face on my part. Oh the joys! 🙂

And I will end with a little verse that has challenged me this week. Psalm 25:1
It was a great reminder for me, to start each day purposefully giving all my life, and all areas of my life over to God. Ministry, family, the small things and the big things, to entrust it all to Him. In this life of mine out here in the jungle I find myself wearing many different “hats”. All within one day I can be the missionary, the wife, the mother, the friend, the co worker, the nurse, the teacher…..how do I get the balance right? Where do I spend most of my time? And the Lord reminds me, “Give your life to Me”.

It all becomes so clear when we view things from His eternal perspective, first and foremost I am His child.  I am here to worship Him and walk with Him today in all I do. As I put the Lord first in my life He will enable me, by His grace, to be the missionary He wants me to be, to be the mum He wants me to be, and God willing He will receive all honor and glory from such a life as mine. Day after day I want to seek after Him and know Him more. He is to be my first love.

So grateful for the joy and contentment God has given me these past weeks.
With much love, from Pip.

I can’t resist – one more photo of Izzy taken tonight before bed. She LOVES brushing her teeth. 🙂


One thought on “"I give my life to you".

  1. Deb says:

    So fun to read what's happening over there! Thanks for sharing. And that story about Izzy is hysterical!!


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