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Mainly a photo blog today because there are just some weeks were words do not suffice for the sights we see. This week was one of those weeks. School graduations from preschool all the way through to high school. A Baccalaureate Service and 79 weddings….thankfully all the weddings were in one place and at one time, a “Mass Wedding.”

I love to people watch and doing it in another country and culture is always so interesting, trying to understand, learn and read the new social ques, facial expressions and etiquette. The mass wedding though was a little overwhelming for this people watcher and I came home mentally exhausted! There were definitely some moments where it felt like I was in the middle of a casting for some bride reality show.

Our week started off at the local school were there were some wonderful moments at the graduation as awards were given out to students who had studied hard all year. Different though from our school awards, was that every student here has to get an award. Nobody gets left out! For example there were awards for the “Most Truthful” and also the, “Most Honest”. The award that made Danny and I giggle a little was the award for the “Most Docile.” 🙂

Award for “Most Awards.”
Danny speaking at the Baccalaureate Service at the local school. 

What is amazing to me though as I attend these special occasions is…the clothes! So many times I find myself thinking, “Where in the world did they get that….pair of lace gloves, that pretty necklace, those shoes.” I thought we were supposed to be living in the middle of nowhere! There isn’t a clothes shop for miles!

Most of the people here love special occasions, love to dress up, look right, fit in and they go to all lengths to make sure they do. I asked a few brides at the wedding where they got their dress, most answers were along the lines of; it was their older sisters, they borrowed it from a cousin who lives in town..and on and on it went. Nobody I asked said that they had bought it for that occasion. There is always a way!

Notice this dress?
Notice it again? Second from the left….worn by her younger sister a few days earlier for her graduation. 🙂 

Hard to believe most of these brides live in a little grass hut in the middle of the jungle. 

Our eyes though were mainly on this sweet couple, Rosalin and Tata. (Photo below).  Danny was “Ninong” which is kind of like a godfather at their tribal wedding a few years back and now again at this official wedding. We are praying that God will help us to use this special cultural relationship with them to help teach and disciple them on a more personal level. They are struggling with many things at this time, mainly pressure from her family to not attend church. We pray that God will give them victory over their fears, embarrassments and that He will be foremost in their lives and relationships. If you think of them today please pray that God will have His place in their lives.

Rosalin and Tata. 
The vows.

Happy Bride. 

You may now kiss the bride!
Overall, it was a fun week for us all. Izzy loved all the company and getting lots of time outside the house and poor little Judah slept through a lot of it. The heat…the brides…it was all too much for him.

“Wake up Baby Judah you are missing the weddings.”
New friends in the next village. 

I hope you liked getting a glimpse into a special week here in the lives of many of our friends and neighbours. It is always a fun experience to get to know more about the culture and customs of the people who are dear to us. Attend a wedding for 79 couples….check!

Not wanting to see a white dress for a while….

PS. This week we have some exciting news coming up regarding an outreach to a nearby village. I will hopefully write about that this weekend.  In the meantime THANK YOU for all your prayers.

2 thoughts on “79 Brides? Check!

  1. Mary A says:

    Wow, 79 brides…That's got to be overwhelming wherever you are in the world! Praying for Rosalin and Tata.


  2. Thanks Mary for all your prayers! We had an answer to those prayers today (April 7)…. they were at church today for the first time after a long absence. Keep praying I know God has a great plan in store for them! Love Pip!


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