Teacups in the Jungle

Life stories from a missionary mama

Welcome to our house! 

Friends we are home! Home to our little house on the hill. Home to waking up to the noisy roosters, home to clothes drying out on the line, and most of all home to a group of people whose fellowship we greatly missed, and who welcomed us home with open arms! Here are some photos of the sights that are once again familiar to us all.

Our house.

It is great to have unpacked after months of moving around and living out of suitcases. To get everything in the house cleaned up again and get into our “routine” here in the village feels wonderful. Here are some more photos of inside our house for those of you who like to see a little more of what it is like to live out here. I think we have it pretty good. 🙂

Our living room. 
The kids sleep in these little mosquito net/tents.
We are so grateful for the new extension which gave us a bedroom with an office at one end. 
Starting preschool. 
Men praying before the outreach.
Saturday is great because the kids are home from school!
Getting used to all the noises of life in the village again. The roosters and I have a problem with each other. 🙂 
This jeep goes to town and back most days. The kids all try to get a ride on it to school on it too. 
Watching a trial of ants…..oh the joys!
Another day passing.
We look out at this beautiful mountain from our house. 
Out visiting…with our bag of course.
He has always loved his Ate Beth. 
So glad to be home with a much healthier little Izzy girl. Thank you to all who prayed for her!
Our little Judah man is growing up fast, he loves to walk on his own.
Ready for church!
Ate Emma studying the Word as it is being taught. 
I got a big scolding form Lola Linda for not coming to visit her soon enough….and then a big hug. 🙂 

Psalm 28:7

The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.
Our hearts are so grateful for all the Lord has done for us, especially over these past months. We are thrilled to be back home, and to be able to continue on with the ministry that we know God has called us too. Thank you for your prayers for us, and for praying us home again! We are thanking God too for the work that He has done in the hearts of the people here. We are still catching up on stories, life, ministry and all that God has been doing in their lives in these past months while we have been gone. Please pray that we will know wisdom and direction from the Lord as we start off this new year, this new chapter and this new stage in ministry. We are excited for all the possibilities that lay ahead of us and desiring to walk step by step with the Lord as He builds His church, both here in this village, and beyond, for His Great Glory. Please keep praying for the salvation of souls who are lost and needing to hear of the Love of a Saviour, who gave His very Life so they may be saved; freed from fear, and given a new life in Christ. What a wonderful joy it is to be a child of God. So, so much to thank and praise Him for today, and always. 
Thankful for each of you,
God Bless,
PS If any of you are on Instagram I now have a public account there, “teacupsinthejungle” where I post more regular photos from life around the village and from our home if you would like to see more pictures. 🙂

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