Teacups in the Jungle

Life stories from a missionary mama

We are finally back in the village, and it is wonderful to be home. after 18 months of living out of suitcases in various countries around the globe. It was such a joy to introduce our little Isabela to the people here in the village, and to be able to thank them for all their prayers for her in these past months. She is doing great, loving all the attention and smiling at all the visitors that arrive on our porch to “look at the baby”. Everyone agrees she is her Daddy’s daughter. The talk and talk about how big her thighs are comparing her legs to the top of their arms. 🙂 However it is all in love, and we are looking forward to raising our little girl amongst our dear friends. She will have many ates (older sisters) and titas (aunties) to help look after her. And I know already that there will be lots to blog about!

Here are a few photos from the days out in town buying supplies for coming back to the village. We have to buy EVERYTHING we need for the next weeks, sometimes up to 3 months before we go back to town to get more supplies, or have the mission plane bring them to us! Anyway these days before we head home are always so busy and so tiring as we have to buy things in all the different shops around town. I hope I remembered everything…..so far i think we have lots!

Buying groceries. It took 45 minutes to check out these two carts! Everything has to be packed up in boxes for traveling.  Also notice how narrow the check out counter is, I could barely fit through!

Here we are buying meat…..it is hard to know how much to buy for the next few months. How hungry will we be??

Going to get some foam made for our seats in our house, things gets eaten by rats or get very moldy when we are gone for a long time.  They also make covers for them here too, so I bought some material and they will be ready in two days!
Here they are! By the way Danny does actually carry everything I just pose with it for the picture! 🙂

At the fruit market. Buying LOTS of fruit and vegetables. As there is no “ready made” baby food here I am having to make it all for Izzy. There is not much fruit and vegetables available in the village so we bought it all in town to take with us for the next few months.
My dear friend ate Rita is here visiting from Norway and she was so kind as to help me one afternoon to chop all the fruit and put it in a blender and then into ice cube trays and freeze it for the village. We made enough for the next two months. Thanks so much Rita….and it was even fun!

Yes more of Danny working and me posing!. The van was packed full to bursting. So we put stuff on top!.

This is Cathy and Zoe who will soon be joining us here in the village.   The van is loaded up and we are saying goodbyes to our friends on the base. 
All in and ready to go.

Baby….check….happy baby….check! She was a trooper on her first trip to the village. 🙂
The reason why we go……this was the first day back home in the village, the ladies in this photo are believers., it is wonderful to have fellowship with them again and to look forward to ministering with them and amongst them in the coming months. All the sweat at the market forgotten, the smell of the meat counter worth it, there is nothing more precious than to share the news of the gospel, no matter the sacrifices our Lord is worthy of it all.

Thank you for your prayers for us as we have returned to the village. It is an answer to prayer for us to be back and we look forward to updating you with all that is happening here. This Sunday we will have our first baptisms and we are SO excited to be here for this wonderful occasion. More photos to follow….Good night from a very noisy jungle, i can’t believe how loud the insects are here! 

3 thoughts on “Behind the scenes!

  1. mattanderin says:

    Yeah 🙂 I've been waiting to see pics of the move in and here all about it! So glad you're in and hope and will be praying the transition back in goes well!


  2. Gilly says:

    ah Pippy just fantastic to keep updated with this blog thanks so oooooooooo much for sharing its great to see you all and especially with wee Izzy she such a cutie! love and hugs to ya all xoxo


  3. hjemme bra says:

    Hi Pip!
    Looking forward to reading about you life and ministery in the village.
    God bless you!



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