Teacups in the Jungle

Life stories from a missionary mama

Well, I did have great intentions for a weekly blog update, and two months after my last post I see I haven’t quite fulfilled that. We have been having a busy time here in the village and my blog has taken a back seat. However, I do want to keep it up, so I will try to write something, but it may be short and sweet and hopefully with a photo or two, all depends on the speed of our internet which is not very fast to say the least.

So what are we so busy with?

I have been really excited to pick up my ladies Bible Study again, it is a great joy for me to meet with the ladies each Wednesday afternoon and to study the Word of God together. The greatest thrill is to see them grow and mature in their walk with the Lord and I am so encouraged by their interest to read the Bible and to learn more about living for Jesus. We are usually about 15 ladies, we meet here at our place, and it is just like any ladies group at home, there is coffee and chatting and sharing and crying and laughter and fellowship. It is one of my most tiring days in the week, but always the most rewarding.

I have also been working on putting together lessons for the kids so we can start to teach them for the first time, in the next month of two. All this takes so much time and I am so thankful for the ladies that help me out with everything that I do.

Daily life is of course always “different” here, you really never know what a day will hold. The other morning before I even had my cereal a little girl (6 years old) came by with a really nasty cut on her thumb. She had hit it with a chisel, and then her mom had wrapped it in guava leaves, as a kind of band aid/plaster. By the time I got it all cleaned up, I wasn’t really in the mood for my cereal anymore, and thus starts another day. 🙂

One thing I have found myself saying/thinking a lot lately is, “when we get into a routine I will……update my blog, write so and so an email, bake some things and freeze them, or whatever it may be at the time.  However, after two months of this, we still have not got “into a routine.” I am remembering that here in the village there never really is a routine. Or at least not the routine that I am used to. Here routine is, the sun rising and setting, crops being planted and harvested and everything in between is just life. It is quite ironic that this week the only clock in our house broke. So, I have been reminded once again that I need to take each day as it comes, ask the Lord for wisdom for each person and scenario that arrives at my door and stop waiting for the perfect time before I get things done. I know the Lord has a plan for each day, and some mornings that may mean washing and cleaning the wound of a 6 year old girl at 7am before I have eaten my breakfast. No, it isn’t routine and sometimes it throws my plan for the morning off a little, but that is life, it is our life and these moments in the days are not interuptions but indeed opportunities to show God’s love and grace to these little souls. I am still in the learning process in so many areas of life and ministry, but I am grateful that God brings these things to my attention, and reminds me of what is really important. Learning how to balance, life and ministry and family is going to be a life long journey but I am ready to start learning now, and not waiting for the “perfect time’. And speaking of family……

How is Izzy handling life in the village? She loves it! How could she not, she has a whole village looking after her! 

Here are some tidbits from izzy’s life in the village this past month.

* Izzy weighs a third of the weight of many of the ladies in the village!

* One little boy asked me if she had been stung by a bee. In a slight panic I said no, I didn’t think so, and asked him why…his reply…”because her hand is swollen, and so is her arm, and her legs!!” That one made me smile. She is still a chubby baby! 

* When the ladies figured out that izzy sleeps in her own cot by herself, they were horrified. They don’t know the word, “cot”  and instead referred to it as a “jail”.  They all sleep together on one big mat and so the thought of a baby sleeping on her own was just terrible to them. Lola Minda actually went and got her out of her cot, she couldn’t bear knowing she was there on her own.

* Izzy loves being held by everyone, which is great as I can get a lot done as she is being passed around. However twice i have started to walk home from somewhere and forgotten to go get her from whoever was holding her!  Don’t worry family I went and got her right away and she didn’t even know! 🙂

* She LOVES the chickens that walk under the house crowing every morning. However they tend to waken her around 5.30/6am and so our morning starts a lot earlier than when we were living in Manila or the States. 

* Some of the people think that because her eyes are blue she probably can’t see very well. I guess none of them have ever had blue eyes to correct that thought. I let them know that I can see pretty good even though I too have blue eyes.

* Everybody thinks she looks just like Danny, which he loves!

Thank you to all who have been praying for us in these first few months back in the village. We are so grateful to you and for your part in our lives. Hoping to write again soon, and it won’t be as long!
Goodnight (and I only know this because it is dark!) from the jungle,

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