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Life stories from a missionary mama

This will be short, it has been a long eventful day here and I am tired. However before this day turns into tomorrow and tomorrow into next week, I wanted to stop and take this moment to tell you the rest of the story from the last post. (The chicken one).

One of the reasons why I write these blog posts is that someday I hope they will be our “Stones of Remembrance.” Memories in print, of God’s faithfulness to us and to our family. Stories and events that I hope will be remembered by our kids and talked about around our family dinner table for years to come. Yes, there are trials, yes there is sickness, but there always grace, so much more grace. I hope the drama and the flurry of the dilemmas, never screams louder, or holds our attention longer than all the sweet moments of grace that are there in the middle of the stress.

As you may have read in my last post, Izzy has been sick lately. Actually, in the last 6 weeks she has had three urinary tract infections. This is an ongoing problem we have faced with Izzy since she was born. She already had one surgery when she was three months old and it looks like she may be facing another one in the next year or so. I won’t go into all that tonight, I think it will be sufficient to say, we have had some difficult and yes, a few dramatic scenarios in the past due to her health. Last night she went to bed with high temperature. We had tested her earlier in the day and were almost certain she had another infection. After I had given her medicine and put her to bed, my mind wandered. I wondered if I had given her the right medicine, the right dosage, am I doing the right thing? In those wee hours I just wish I could take her to see a good doctor when daylight comes, and then take the prescription, go the the chemist (drugstore), buy the medicine and have a peace of mind that I am doing the right thing. I just want to be a normal Mama cuddling her on the couch and not a Mama trying to be a nurse (when I am not) and up at 11pm at night scrolling through a mass of google advice and medical links. worry.com

Here is the story of grace that weaved its way into my longing heart last night.

I wrote an email to a Facebook friend at home who is a GP. I wasn’t sure if she could help or when she would read the message, but I thought I would write (actually I got Danny to write the medical stuff as he is way more detailed) to at least ask some questions. I left it all with the Lord and went to bed though I was up a few times during the night as poor Izzy had a really high fever again.

I woke up this morning (yes to the chickens) turned on the computer and there was a message waiting for me to read! Our Dr. Friend (don’t want to write her name in case she gets lots of emails!) was SO much help, and told us exactly the medicine she would prescribe if we were at home and she gave lots of other great advice both for now and the future. We did not have the medicine she advised us to give Izzy in our limited stock of medicine. BUT, our good friends were coming to visit today and they just happen to be the pilot and his family! They hadn’t left town by the time I had read the email and so they were able to run to the pharmacy, pick up the medicine and fly it straight to us today…..yes, right out here in the middle of the jungle.

By 10am this morning, Izzy had been “seen” by a doctor, been prescribed the medicine she needed, it was bought at the pharmacy and then flown straight to the village and delivered to our house!! 

The thought that crossed my mind as I looked at the clock was, if I were at home I probably would not have this medicine in my hand this quick. God is not limited by the fact that we live miles from a doctor. He is not limited by the fact that we are nowhere near a pharmacy. He gave us a peace to come back to the village despite the medical problems Izzy may have, and yes, there have been some difficult days, but there is always, always grace. I never want to forget the grace. I never want my kids to forget the grace that God has shown us so often, and that we can so quickly forget. Today God showed me His grace through a reply to an email, the servants heart of a pilot and his family, and a bottle of medicine sitting on my counter by 10am. Thank you Jesus for your grace. 

I want my life, my thoughts my words to speak forth God’s grace. I don’t want us just to remember all the dramas, the tears, the needs, the prayer requests. I don’t want our family to forget these either, they are a real part of our lives, but they are always seeped in God’s grace. Little moments, life changing moments, every minute, there is grace.

I hope we remember the ark and the rainbow, not just the flood.

I hope we remember the ram caught in the bushes and not just that father and his son, climbing that mountain, to face that sacrifice.

I hope we remember the manna, not the dessert.

I hope we remember the small stones in the hand of a young boy, who slew a great giant.

I hope we remember the sweetness of the days with Boaz and not just the days in Moab.

I hope we remember the manger, the cross and the empty tomb as the moments that have forever shaped every other moment of grace.

Never forget His grace.

Goodnight once again,
Philippa for us all.

10 thoughts on “A Stone of Remembrance.

  1. Stacie@MATA says:

    Amen, thank you for reminding us of His Grace and to remember to pray for our dear friends who serve in remote places as they proclaim the Gospel to many. God bless you!


  2. Deb says:

    So awesome!! Praise God for your doctor friend and for that pilot. You are so right to realize that God has you just where you belong and He continually confirms that through His care of you. I like your idea of “Stones of Remembrance”. It is often too easy to concentrate on the difficulties. I hope I can “catch” some of your dedication and vision.


  3. The Moffits says:

    I had to swallow and blink a lot while I read this post. God is good. Good. Good. Good.


  4. Hi Stacie! I am sure you have lots of stories like these from all your years of service here on the field being a pilot family. 🙂 We think of you both so fondly. Thanks for your prayers. Big hugs from Palawan. 🙂


  5. Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for all your comments! I wish I had been more faithful in our early days here in the village to write down all the things that God did/showed/provided and proved to us. Having Izzy and Judah has prompted me a lot more to write and record so together as a family we can remember God's goodness to us, just as God told the children of israel to do with their families in the O.T. You should start writing your own “Stones” for your grandkids…..I know we would all love to read them too. 🙂


  6. Thank you. 🙂


  7. Yes, dear Belinda He is..and you have a soft, tender heart with all that blinking and swallowing. 🙂 Big hug. xx


  8. Sarah says:

    Loved this, dear friend. God is sooo good, and I'm so thankful for the way the He showed that to you guys last weekend. (And that you shared your newest stone of remembrance with us!)


  9. I am always happy to share anything with you dear Sarah…..dream of the day we get to chat face to face again….no blog posts needed. Praying for you and your big trip. Big hugs to you. xx


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